Our Compensation

Our preferred method of compensation is a pay-as-go service fee, the same way you pay other professionals you depend on for specialized knowledge, advice, and services. 

Our standard fee is based on the market value of your assets at the end of each quarter. The custodian for your assets automatically deducts the fee from an account that you designate and pays it to Integra.

Planning Fees

Integra also provides financial, retirement, and estate planning as a separate service (no assets required). 

In this case, Integra will charge an agreed-upon hourly or fixed fee for this service. Fixed fees are based on an estimate of the number of hours it will take Integra to complete the planning process.

There is an upfront retainer when Integra is working for a fixed fee. Hourly fees are billed in arrears.

Why Pay a Fee?

We prefer receiving a fee because we believe this is the right way to pay for the advice and services you need to pursue your financial goals.

This means our compensation is tied to your results.

Our clients know in advance what services they will be receiving and the applicable fee for those services. 

As a financial fiduciary in advisory relationships who works for a fee, based on our method and source of compensation.


At Integra, we believe in providing full transparency for the way we are compensated by our clients. Compensation is an important feature of a financial advisor’s business model because it may impact recommendations for the investment of client assets.

Asset-basedWe charge a fee that is a percentage of the current market value of our client’s assets.
Sliding scheduleWe charge a sliding schedule of incremental fees for our services. The breakpoints are described in our service agreement.
PlanningIn general, the cost of our retirement planning advice and services is covered by our asset-based fee. We may charge a fixed fee when planning is provided as a separate service.
MinimumA minimum Integra fee may apply in some situations.


Compensated by Clients

Integra is compensated by its clients and not by third parties, for example a mutual fund.

Quarterly Billing

Our fee is based on the market value of our client’s assets at the end of each calendar quarter and is billed to an account designated by our clients. 

Month-to-Month Service Agreement

Our service agreement is month-to-month. There are no contractual obligations. Integra fees are fully disclosed to clients in our service agreement. Sample agreements are available upon request.


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