What We Do

Customized services from Integra Wealth Management

Affluent investors rely on the specialized knowledge, advice, and services of multiple professionals: Financial planners, investment managers, tax professionals, attorneys, and insurance agents.

All of these professionals deliver specialized advice and services that should be coordinated, but most of the time, they are not. There are three consequences when there is no coordination. Their advice can:

  • Duplication: The same service from a planner and CPA
  • Conflict: Two professionals have opposing views
  • Fees: Pay duplicate fees for the same service
  • Resolution: There are additional fees to resolve differences

The Integra Solution

The Integra solution is a service that integrates the advice of multiple professionals into one cohesive process that is focused on working toward your financial goals.

The Financial Quarterback

Every high-performance team needs a quality quarterback. 

You can choose to be your own quarterback and coordinate multiple professionals’ advice, services, and expenses. 

Or, you can outsource your need for a coordinated solution to Integra.

We believe an Integra financial planner is the ideal quarterback because this professional’s advice already includes multiple financial disciplines: Planning, investing, tax planning strategies, legal strategies, and risk management.

How It Works

We do not interrupt your relationships with current service providers.

We work with you to develop an integrated solution that is implemented by multiple service providers.

Or, we can provide a team of experienced professionals who provide one integrated solution for all of your wealth management requirements.

You have questions…. we have answers.

Let us know how we can help you pursue financial independence.