Professional in Late Wealth Accumulation Years


Meet Tom (59) and Barbara Jones (56), a professional couple on the brink of transitioning from their full work life to retirement. They are less than six years away from retirement, which is exciting for them, but they know that this is a crucial time for them to make the right financial moves.

In other words, they don’t want to make decisions that could undermine their future comfort and security.

Biggest Concerns: 

Their main worry revolves around the potential need for memory care services later in life, something their family has frequently faced in the past. 

The possibility of one spouse requiring around-the-clock care while the other continues to live at home amplifies their concern, especially considering the soaring costs that will be even higher in the next 25 years. 

Alongside this, they’re cautious about the impact of inflation, economic downturns, and the nation’s $34 trillion debt on their seemingly substantial retirement assets.

Unique Client Situation:

Integra Wealth Solutions recognized the unique challenges faced by Tom and Barbara, particularly with their concern for healthcare expenses post-retirement, along with market volatility and persistent inflationary pressures. 

We tailored our approach to address these specific worries, employing advanced planning tools and personalized risk assessments to create a robust financial plan.

Professional in late wealth accumulation years

Integra Wealth Solutions’ Services:

Integra utilized comprehensive planning software from MoneyGuidePro, which allowed Tom and Barbara to see how various factors (expected and unexpected) influenced their financial future. 

We also utilize Nitrogen, a tool for assessing their risk tolerance and aligning it with their current portfolio, seeking to match their investments to their desired comfort levels.

Integra’s Approach:

Integra’s strategy for Jones centered on establishing a retirement plan that prioritized steady cash flow and reliable returns. 

Regular reviews and adjustments to the plan aimed to keep it aligned with the couple’s evolving goals and circumstances. Integra’s commitment to personalized service was evident in its approach when its team of professionals built a custom tailored to meet the specific needs of Tom and Barbara.

Integra’s handling of the Jones case exemplifies their dedication to crafting individualized financial plans. By understanding the unique goals and concerns of each client, Integra builds tailored strategies that seek to optimize outcomes, demonstrating a deep commitment to personalized financial solutions.

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